Fortuna Spinoza

Photo shoots

The property offers a unique combination of indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for photo shoots and film shoots. With its photogenic look and preservation of many old elements, including antique and second-hand furniture, the house exudes a homey atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia.

It is the perfect location for wedding or love shoots. Imagine yourself as you elegantly descend the beautiful wooden staircase in your wedding dress. Contemporary brands or products can create a nice contrast with the classic atmosphere of the building and its furnishings, creating unique and eye-catching photos. It is also possible to rent the entire property, including the garden, exclusively.

Everything can be discussed and tailored to your wishes. Our romantic city garden with vibrant colors serves as an excellent background for various types of photography.


Contact us via the contact form on our website, send an e-mail or call 0652285112. We will be happy to help you!