Fortuna Spinoza

About us

We are Niels and Babette. We met in 2012 when Babette was still studying International Hospitalty Management in The Hague and Niels was a shell artist in Amsterdam. When an opportunity arose to open a B&B in Haarlem a few years later, we grabbed it with both hands. An old building with a lot of history that needed to be completely renovated and furnished seemed right up our alley. We loved doing it. After 6 years of welcoming guests, the time came to look for a new project. When this building in Monnickendam came our way we fell in love and after a year of renovation we opened the doors of Fortuna Spinoza.

Meaning of Fortuna Spinoza

Fortuna was the goddess of chance, both luck and misfortune. Spinoza found his god in nature and tried to explain the world that way. Fortune and misfortune are both natural phenomena. Embrace both with Spinoza's rationalism and your life will be without ballast because you realize that nature determines, not you.